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The founding of YSY Education is inspired by the founder's goal of exploring innovative and post-Covid solutions to online teaching of Chinese Mandarin (and English) as a foreign language with well researched approaches and practical experiences in mind.

YSY Education aims to help improve your Mandarin in a way that you find most desirable for yourself. Get a taste of a variety of fun and memory-enhacing activities in our lessons for optimal learning to take place! You will find yourself mastering the Chinese language easily, efficiently and native-like. Before long, you’ll be able to use the increasingly important language effectively for jobs, for life, and for your own happiness and enjoy colorful cultural activties in the prosperious country with a history of 5000 thousand years (not just for exams).

Rationale behind "YSY”

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! My Chinese name is Yang Siyi (YSY), the person in charge of the website. First of all, I would like to welcome you to my carefully cultivated and landscaped educational park! In fact, I am an ordinary young man, but in the field of education I am familiar with, I do know something a little more than some of the others: I know how to learn well, how to well memorize language stuff, how to learn Mandarin effectively and efficiently, and how to achieve Mandarin learning goals for better employment and greater life - how to turn studying the language into a strong interest and passion, course of strategic actions, practical endeavours and a highly beneficial journey to great jobs and even a happier life. After all, the real purpose of learning a language is not only to learn the linguistic stuff, but also to enjoy better communications with target language speakers for friendship, for jobs and even for a much happier life! An important language opens up an important window for everyone to another incredibly interesting world and culture, just like the way I felt it when I first came to New Zealand to embrace everything the country has to offer.

Born in a family of teachers, I was carefully educated by a top-grade Chinese teacher and a first-class English teacher every day - yes, you got it – they are my father and my mother! Constantly hearing and observing my teacher parents’ enjoyable class presentations, seeing and feeling familiar teachers’ lovely and respectable characters, often times I envy them for the lofty profession they could be fully engaged with. In the meantime, I was also acutely aware that teaching is really endless hard work provided that you always want to do more and better – yes, that's my parents. For as long as I could remember, there seemed to be a continuously weekly visit from a certain parent to thank my parents. Sometimes I felt that I was the happiest person in the world to have been born and raised in this background. I can recollected an assembled poem by myself on my parents (with the first two verses from famous Tang poet Li Shangyin's Untitled), “Spring silkworms spin till death, running out of yearning thread; Burning candles weep, till no more tears they can shed; the decades see parents dedicated, every festival sees their students' visits".

So profoundly influenced by my beloved parents, I've had a dream since I was a child, that is, I've been eagerly looking forward to becoming a teacher like mum and dad in order to“propagate the doctrine,  impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts”, not merely appreciate the teachers' stylish style, more importantly, I utterly respect the social significance of the teaching profession. Also, I value the image of teachers as the often called gardeners, candles, loving mothers, silkworms and "the engineers of human souls". In June 2002, I went abroad to study in New Zealand. After approximately two decades, I finally realized my dreams and became a registered teacher in New Zealand. I have not only Chinese-speaking students (Chinese), but also English-speaking students (Kiwis and Europeans). However, this is not an easy path to come, but full of ups and downs and unspoken trials of hardships. It is true that it is hard staying, working and settling down in a completely strange country all depending on my own efforts, without leaving things to any chance - it is the dream of going out to see the world, the ideal of "propagating the doctrine,  imparting professional knowledge, and resolving doubts", and from the influence of the two top-grade language teachers that make me firmly stay and settle down without hesitation.

I have been living in New Zealand for nearly 20 years. Except for video calls with my family, MOST of the time in those years I had no relatives around me. I could hardly live a carefree life due to pressure of study and work. By the way, I'd ever done three jobs a day for a year because of tightened finance. Only I knew what I'd been through day by day for quite a hell of a year. But retrospectively, I do like that experience and feel lucky to own one in my life. It is the fighting spirit probably passed on from the blood of my parents, and the ultra-strong passion generated by the my perseverance, persistence and desire for success that enabled me to obtain 8 degree certificates in 16 years and constantly refresh and achieve new dreams one after another.

Today, I am PhD candidate in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, School of Culture, Languages and Linguistics of University of Auckland. I also teach Chinese and ESOL English full-time in a national high school on Auckland's North Shore.

In the past two decades, I have supervised a large number of students at home and abroad to learn Chinese and English, enabling them to realize their dreams through the target language, such as high-stake entrance examinations, studying abroad, employment and immigration settlement. The long-term interactive teaching and learning process has helped me accumulate rich teaching experiences in teaching students according to their aptitude and the ability to think. I tend to view my students as if they were my own children in order to plan the best possible ways of teaching and guidance to cultivate their interest, habits and skills. Increasing numbers of my students' success stories enabled me to confidently implement personalized and flexibly customised teaching. Among the large libraries of my experiences in teaching students across age 5 to 55, teaching kids along with their parents, namely, a close union among teacher-parents-kids are often an especially important model if maximised success for the kids is to be achieved.

As an overseas Chinese who grew up in China, I have always wanted to help kids learning a foreign language like Chinese or English as a foreign language. In 2013, I founded an educational company named IETG (New Zealand), and in 2015, another company called YSY Education (China).  In 2019, taking a few friends' advice, I chose initials of my name as the main construct of YSY Education in New Zealand. On the one hand, I'd like to express my determination to be engaged in education for my life; on the other hand, I want to use my name to endorse and inspire my career and in turn my career will be clearly on my honour. Investing one's honour is probably the largest venture capital on today's planet, which is believed to be more reliable than billions of feelingless venture capital in the financial market.

I am acutely aware that education is not a pure business, and that education needs to be carried out by trusted professionals. In 2015, in order to help wife immigrate to New Zealand, I returned to China for three years. Then I founded YSY training centre in my hometown Zhanjiang. Given the enormous trust from local parents and students in our training centre, students seemed to be an endless stream visiting our place decorated like a library plus classroom. Sometimes my class ran from eight o 'clock in the morning to half past ten in the evening. There is almost no rest time in between. That's merely during school terms, let alone course appointments over the two holidays each year. The age of my learners ranges from 5 to 55 years old. I would like to acknowledge that founding YSY Education has dramatically increased my sense of mission and my passion for teaching to my students' needs. I am now highly motivated in teaching and researching. I care for every teaching detail as if they were my own eyes. I hope I can help every student to maximize their potential for learning, which is most likely to contribute to a happier life of theirs.

Since the end of 2019, the COVID-19 virus has completely changed the world's learning pattern and our way of life. During the eventful two years, I have gained a new understanding of education: the future of education must include a flexible combination of offline and online teaching, and the rise of global online education is inevitable, though not urgent. When a crisis like this happens, we cannot wait for the crisis to end before continuing to engage in educational activities. Education to maintain social progress and development cannot afford to wait, and all education projects must be carried out online then. Therefore, in the new era of education with great changes in the entire world, YSY Education has decided to focus on developing online courses and online language teaching, supplemented by offline teaching. Everything has a "no other, but familiar" process, the earlier we started the exploration, and the more in-depth research we conducted, the better way we will be able to deliver our language education to students in the future, for interest, for exams, or for life and for work. Furthermore, online education can break through all the geographical and transportation barriers, once the approach to teaching is used correctly, it will let more students learn with less time and effort. I am very optimistic about online education that comes with systematic materials, teaching strategies and a vast expanse of online resources. I will definitely devote myself to this important cause.

My goal and mission is to help cultivate high-level language interest, promote efficient learning habits, imparting effective learning skills and strategies with a dedicated heart, and help others live a happy life with my knowledge and experiences.

YSY Education has just launched online Chinese Mandarin courses and ESOL courses from January 15, 2022!

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